About Pudak Aerospace and Precision Part Machining

To become the regional leader in the field of manufacturing commerical Aerospace and High Precision Mechanical Components.
To Provide manufacturing services of high precision components that conform to AS9100 Quality Management Standard, to upheld the highest level of customer satisfaction, to perform continuos improvement by improving the skill of human resources for the sole purpose of achieving company's goal.
“Continuous Development”
Head Office Building in Bandung
Our Parent company, Pudak Scientific which was establish in late 1970s, has been growing rapidly in the past several years due to the demands that we received from Local and Overseas Customers. Basically, the main product lines of our business are educational equipments and teaching aids that are used in the educational sector. Our primary products cover Elementary Level, High School Level, and also Vocational Level.

The complexity of our products requires us to have many different disciplines so that we could manufacture various components out of Plastics, Composites, Metals, Woods, and even Glass. Out of these components we assembled high quality products that have been used throughout the world for more than 25 years. In order to sustain the high level of productivity to deliver our products to the customer, we have built our factory with a solid support from the Engineering Team.

KIT Magnet & Electric
Automotive Training System

With a solid background in Engineering Department, we started our CNC Division in 2000 to support the high productivity level of Pudak Scientific. Starting out small scale, with only 1 CNC Machining Center we started to built the Foundation of PT. Pudak Scientific. Initially, this machining center is only used to make Molds, Dies, and Jigs, however the speed and efficiency of the CNC Machine give us chance to venture into another area of Production. With the increase in efficiency level, we have a chance to enter precision part machining as well. Thus we started to manufacture precision parts and components for our internal use. A few months later with the increasing internal demand of small electrical components, we acquired a Swiss-Type CNC Auto Lathe. With this small incredible machine, we are able to manufacture small parts with very tight tolerances in high volume production level.

Throughout the years we bought several more Swiss-Type Auto Lathe Machines, to support our internal needs during peak demand of educational products. During the off-peak season, we are taking jobs from customers around the area to become a small Job Shop.

With the experience in operating Machining Center and Swiss-Type Auto Lathe Machines, we bought a simple 2-axis CNC Turning to help in producing precision pins and shaft for the plastic molds, and various other precision jobs. We are surprised by the productivity level of a single CNC Turning that can cover the job of several conventional lathe machines. Thus we are faced with another idle capacity that we started to actively looking for a subcontracting work with companies around Bandung.

Starting from 2005 we actively began to search for potential customers, and we meet several companies that are interested to have a subcontracting job with Pudak Scientific. And as the demand for precision job is increasing, we develop an integrated CNC Part Manufacturing Division to support many of our customers. During this time, we feel that we need to separate the management of Pudak Scientific and the CNC Part Manufacturing Division. Thus, we establish PT. Pudak Scientific to exclusively handle the business of the CNC Division.

In the past couple of years, PT. Pudak Scientific has grown rapidly to support our major customers, and we have invested in new machineries, quality management system and human resources. Since 2006 we acquired high precision turning centers, machining centers, and high precision measuring instruments and gauges. Currently, we have 17 CNC machines comprise of simple 2-axis up to highly complex Swiss Type CNC Turning Center.

In 2008 we receive certification of Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2000 for the scope of: “The Manufacture of Precision Metal Parts”.

Pudak Scientific received NADCAP certification for Aerospace Quality System (AQS AC7004).

Pudak Scientific received AS9100 certification for Standard Quality Management System for Aerospace Industry.
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