"Tolerance of 5 Micron is The Typical in Our Machining Standards"

With the selection of our modern CNC machinery, appropriate cutting tools and high tech precision measurement equipment, we can provide various precision and highly complicated machining of products such as:

  • Aeronautical parts
  • Automotive parts
  • Mechanical parts
  • Equipment parts
  • Small-size components for electronic parts
  • Complex Plastic Mould
  • Jig and Fixtures
  • Electrodes for EDM
  • Spiral turbine blades
We have experience in machining AMS Grade Stainless Steels and Hardened Stainless Steel as well as machining for Alloy Steels, Common Steel, Non-Ferrous Material, High Grade Aluminum Alloys and Engineering Plastics.
Various of Precision Part Components


  With many years of experiences in Fixture design, CNC programming, and Cutting tool selection, our Engineering team is doing numerous innovations and process improvements in manufacturing high precision components that yield to lower cost to our customers.

Engineering management is also playing important factors in each and every process as it is very critical to do documentation of programs, Tools data, and Standard Cutting Parameter to ensure the consistency of machining.
On certain parts or components additional process is needed. On these parts we do additional bench work such as deburring and polishing process as well as permanent marking process using the CNC Marking Machine with micro-percussion stylus.
Deburring Process
Marking Process
Wooden Box for Material Handling
We already implemented the integrated computer database system for faster and accurate handling from customer order, raw material handling up to detailed shipping documentation.

For the finished products handling we can provide wooden or plastic handling box as well as shipping box as required by customer.

With a good teamwork among highly motivated engineers and competent operators combined with the modern management, we ensure that we will be able to fulfill customer’s demand of high precision parts.

In order to improve the quality of service and customer support, we will never stop learning and updating our knowledge of the latest technology not only in machining process but also in other related aspects in machining precision parts.
Highly Motivated Teamwork
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