Decrease in scrap percentage

PT. PUDAK SCIENTIFIC has been able to reduce a significant number of scrap percentage.
This is achieved through changes in process plan / carefully prepared method, and also through human resources training programs.

The graphic above shows our efficiency rate.

Order : Quantity total order in a month (left value on the chart).
Reject : Quantity part which are rejected by customer (left value on the chart).
OK : Quantity part which are accepted by customer (left value on the chart).
PPM target : Maximum target of rejected parts = 5000 ppm (right value on the chart).
    PPM = part per million means maximum of 5000 pcs rejected in 1 million pcs.
    Percentage conversion = 0.5%.
    PPM target is determined by customer.
PPM : Nominal ppm achieved
    (since February is below the maximum 5000 ppm target)



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