Purchase of 3 new CNC machines in the first period of 2013

In this first period of 2013, we make an investment by purchasing 3 units of new CNC machines to further increase our production capacity.

Those machines are:

  • 2 units of TSUGAMI M42J CNC Lathes
  • 1 unit of HWACHEON Hi-TECH 200B CNC Turn-Mill

The Hwacheon Hi-TECH 200B CNC machine has arrived at our workshop and currently is on the setup process, while Tsugami M42J CNC machine is still on the way and will arrive shortly.

Tsugami M42J Precision Automatic Lathe CNC Machine has High Precision Spindle, High Rigidity Turret and High Rigidity Axis Slide features.

Hwacheon Hi-TECH 200B Horizontal CNC Lathe is a CNC machine with Integrated & Ultra-Durable Bed, C -Axis Unit and Quick Indexing Turret.

With the purchase of those new machines during the first period of 2013, we now have 56 units of CNC machines.

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