PT. Pudak Scientific got AS9100 certificate

After going through several stages being taken by the certification organization, in this case the BSI Korean, PT. Pudak Scientific managed to get the Certificate of AS9100 - certification of quality management system standard for the aerospace industry. This certification indicates that PT. Pudak Scientific has exceeded the quality standard ISO9000.

We prove the seriousness as the manufacturer that produce qualified and reliable products and in accordance with the quality standards demanded by our customers.

There are about 11 companies in Indonesia that have this certificate, which listed in OASIS - Online Aerospace Supplier Information System - and PT. Pudak Scientific is one of them.

With this certification, means PT. Pudak Scientific has been registered in the aerospace supplier list and worth taking orders and working on aeorspace components from anywhere.

Currently there are about 130 items products ordered by UTAS Bandung - (UTC Aerospace System) - are being carried out by PT. Pudak  Scientific.

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